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The Barossa Sustainable Environs Committee (BSEC) is an initiative of the RDA Barossa but driven by industry. It researches and looks at ways to advance sustainable options for the Barossa region. Key focus areas are water, energy and waste.

There is significant interest in renewable energy but so much information to decipher from technical, commercial and political perspectives, that it can be conflicting and confusing. The committee was formed to collectively sift the information and become a viable resource for informing and supporting the community and industry within the region to implement sustainable options. Their primary charter includes creating demand for sustainable energy options by providing a…

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Posted 25th January 2012 by Eco News

US Health Experts dismiss "Wind Turbine Syndrome"

US Health Experts dismiss "Wind Turbine Syndrome"

A new study by health and engineering experts in the United States has found no evidence that…

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