Regional Roadmap

RDA Barossa is responsible for annually producing the Barossa Regional Roadmap, a strategic document for the area including Barossa, Gawler, Light and Adelaide Plains council areas. This Roadmap informs the federal government- and others - of regional priorities and areas for attention. This is an important opportunity for local community and industry to make heard what they see is needed to advance our regional community and economy. The priorities can be economic, social, environmental or cultural. They can be expressed as a challenge or an opportunity.

 2017 RDA Barossa Regional Roadmap

 Previous Roadmaps

2014 RDA Barossa Regional Roadmap

2013 RDA Barossa Regional Roadmap

2012 RDA Barossa Regional Roadmap

2011 RDA Barossa Regional Roadmap


Please contact if you have any questions relating to our Regional Roadmaps.

As an ongoing element of our business, RDA Barossa facilitates new investment, business growth, skills training and local engagement for strong communities in Gawler, Barossa, Light and Adelaide Plains. Each year we update our "Regional Roadmap" with local and regional issues and priorities to inform local, state and federal government planning and resourcing. Completing the survey each year is your opportunity to record your views on regional priorities and it will only take a few minutes.